As if Debussy and Sufjan Stevens had a baby and left her in the forest to be raised by Björk”

Orchestral alt folk

Maya is a Glasgow based Nepali/British alt-folk singer-songwriter, harpist, and violinist who creates textures with dense harmonies, classical instrumentation and pithy lyrics. She was receipient of the prestigious Paolo Nutini Songwriting Scholarship in 2022.

Her genre is best described as alt-folk, meandering through Scottish folklore and tradition, crunchy dissonances, and wrapped up with honey-like vocals.

A classical violinist at a young age, Maya was forced to stop playing due to her teenage struggle with M.E. Years later, she continued her musical training with the harp, and brings her instrumental background to the forefront in her performances.  

Innovatively reminiscent of early Kate Bush or perhaps Tori Amos she is a highly distinctive voice in a crowded singer-songwriter marketplace not least due to her subject material.” - Allan Dumbreck



Maya's new single ‘The Observer Effect pt. II’ will be released on the 29th March 2024 - and will be available on all streaming sites.

A piece originally drawn from an audio-visual stop motion work exploring the concept of process vs product using songwriting and chronic illness as the subject matter to explore this with, the strings instrumental born from this project is ‘The Observer Effect pt. II’

The audio-visual stop motion video will be released mid April. Sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date with details and for a sneak peek of the video.